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Joshua Edelstein is the Founder and Lead Consultant at The Strategic Perspective. He is also the author of Don’t Chase Happiness! 36 Rules to a Fulfilling Life, in the Modern World.

Joshua Edelstein has a unique background as an Entrepreneur, Strategic Consultant and Public Servant within Health & Human Services & Public Safety.


This has provided him with a multitude of experiences, working with people across all walks of life, in all situations. From C-Level Executives looking to maximize profits, to individuals in the midst of psychotic episodes, endangering their lives as well as the lives of others.

Joshua has proven his understanding of human behavior & utilizes effective communication strategies in practice every day. On the business side, he is a strategic, logical thinker, which allows him to quickly see structural flaws that create barriers to growth and profit margins.

Joshua strives to be involved personally with every client. Depending upon your needs and his current caseload, he may utilize resources that are proven leaders in their specialty. Your success is of utmost importance and he will do whatever it takes to help you realize it.