At The Strategic Perspective, we strive to offer the most personalized, exclusive service possible. In order to achieve this, we keep our active client list low. We are pleased to announce that we are accepting full-service clients, once again. Please contact us for details of our services. 

Unlike other consulting firms that fill their calendars with as many appointments as possible, we intentionally leave space open so we can be there for you at unexpected times, when you may need us the most. Experience in emergency services has taught us that crisis can strike at any time, therefore your emergency is our emergency.

Unfortunately, we may need to place you on a waiting list or give you other referral options if we feel that your project may interfere with the needs of our current, active clients. However, we will always be upfront with you about this.


Our high success rates (Your success is our success), exclusivity, commitment to confidentiality and specialization in high-profile clients, focusing on personal and professional growth are what defines us. We have a strict confidentiality code and will never share any of your information, including your name/business name to promote our services. We will accept referral clients if you provide them but your information will always be private. If we are representing you in a PR capacity, we will always gain your consent prior to making our relationship public.