• The Strategic Perspective

How to Establish a Healthy, Corporate Culture

Do you see a captain, lieutenant and two firefighters in this picture? Or one team, cohesively working together? Without seeing the shields on the front of their helmets, you would never know their rank. This is how your company should look!

If you desire a healthy culture within your organization, you must lead by example. There is a saying in the fire service, “If one person is working, everyone is working”. This includes all ranking officers until the entire job is finished.

It’s easy to spot real “leaders” from those in misplaced positions of authority while attending team-building events. If your leaders aren’t there to help set things up, they’d better be the last people to leave, after helping to clean. If you’re a CEO and are questioning who your real team players are, this is the perfect time to “test them”. Throw a holiday party in the next few months and pay attention.


Once you establish a culture that promotes those who are most willing to help others achieve, over the highest earners or most aggressive/self-serving, you will maintain your numbers, place the TRUE LEADERS in positions of authority, and weed out the bad apples, all at the same time.

If you start treating your employees the way you want them to treat each other, and the way you want them to treat your customers, you’ll have a recipe for success... every... time.