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KissCam LLC. Launches New Brand, “The Contest Cam” Monetizable Mobile Contest... Ultimate Consumer

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DENVER, CO. (October 31, 2019) - The future of effective, hyper-personalized advertising is here. Companies are always looking for new ways to draw sponsors, get consumers engaged, coming back and making more purchases. It’s also safe to say that most brands love positive exposure, posted all over social media. KissCam LLC’s groundbreaking, multi-patented technology makes this available to everyone, everywhere with their new branded product, The Contest Cam.

The Contest Cam builds on KissCam’s advertising success in the sports arena, to include concerts, casinos, theme parks, shopping malls, trade shows, tourist attractions, ski resorts, beaches, festivals and of course, all sporting venues. This could be tied to a calendar date, specific location, activity… really the possibilities are only limited to the imaginations of an organization’s marketing team.

Companies can utilize The Contest Cam application directly (soon to be available on iOS and Android), to run contests anywhere in the world. Contestants would select the contest from a dropdown list, take a photo and press submit. The organization holding the contest would have their personalized imagery as the photo frame, along with any other sponsor branded logos. (Contestants are then encouraged to share this photo across their entire social media network). The staff at KissCam LLC. operates the contest in the background, filtering out anything inappropriate. The contestants then vote on their favorite photos, (which brings legitimacy and further engagement) until a winner is chosen and a prize awarded. The Contest Cam application only needs to be downloaded once and can be used for all future contests, with every organization that utilizes the patented contest.

If an organization has its own mobile application, and many do, the technology utilized by The Contest Cam can be “plugged-in”, adding further value to their brand's application. When they want to run a contest, their application user would receive a push notification, text or email. This can be scheduled or performed when the user crosses into a specified, geofenced area. From this point, the contest runs very much the same, except the organization and its marketing team operates the contest. In addition, they have the option of including video and can also run as many contests as they like, providing an even greater opportunity for exposure, sales and sponsorship.

In the words of Dana Veitch, President of KissCam LLC., “This new mobile advertising platform is a marketing game-changer, positively engaging consumers with unlimited branding potential.” To make each participant feel like a winner, sponsors can also choose to offer special promo codes to all contest applicants, turning more contestants into sales conversions.

About KissCam LLC. and The Contest Cam

KissCam LLC. (www.KissCam.com) is a privately held entertainment, advertising, and social media platform/plug-in, founded by Dana Veitch. The Contest Cam took the “kiss cam” out of the athletic arena, utilizing the KissCam LLC. patents and photo/video-sharing contest platform. The Contest Cam opens a whole new market for brands across the world. Participants can win prizes, receive promo codes and share their experience with everyone they know, wherever they gather. Learn more at www.thecontestcam.com.