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Patented Video Contest Takes Revenue Generation To The Next Level

DENVER, CO. (November 7, 2019) - With KissCam LLC’s launch of The Contest Cam, any organization can now run mobile, monetizable, video contests, keeping consumers engaged and most importantly, brands highlighted, from anywhere in the world. Visit thecontestcam.com and read on for more information.

This patented video contest platform is ready to be plugged into all existing iOS or Android mobile applications. The Contest Cam is fully customizable, licensable and synergistic with the world’s largest brands, especially social media companies, providing an additional source of advertising revenue. Sponsoring brands also benefit equally, as they have the potential to reach and actively engage millions of consumers.

This form of advertising is safer and more engaging than banner ads or full-screen takeovers. You don’t want your brand tainted by inappropriate content that pops up after, or alongside it. With The Contest Cam, the photo or video contest is the content. The consumer also willfully engages, on multiple occasions, throughout the duration of the photo or video contest. A photo or video contest can be as short or as long as the event holder chooses. In addition, the licensee or event holder has full control over the price they set for sponsor ad space.

To participate, contestants would take a short video or photo, utilizing the specified contest rules and press submit. The organization holding the contest would have their brand on the video or photo frame, along with any other sponsor branded logos. (Contestants are highly encouraged to share this across their entire social media network). Anything falling outside of the sponsor’s contest rules would be filtered. The contestants then vote on their favorite videos or photos, (which brings legitimacy and further engagement) until a winner is chosen and a prize awarded. After the contest, it is recommended that sponsors send special promo codes or offers to all contestants, for direct, trackable sales conversions.

If a brand does not yet have its own mobile application, KissCam LLC. can create one for them, ready to run photo and video contests. This white labeling is a great option for large events or event holders that rely on advertising revenue, ticket or booth sales. Venues that might find this particularly attractive would be trade show convention centers, sporting events, theme parks, shopping malls, and casinos.

About KissCam LLC. and The Contest Cam

KissCam LLC. (www.KissCam.com) is a privately held entertainment, advertising, and social media platform/plug-in, founded by Dana Veitch. The Contest Cam took the “kiss cam” out of the athletic arena, utilizing the KissCam LLC. patents and photo/video-sharing contest platform. The Contest Cam opens a whole new market for brands across the world. Learn more at www.thecontestcam.com.

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